Bilingual Immersion Program
Bilingual Immersion Programs
We provide two combinations of language options which are:
Cantonese/English and Putonghua/English. Each class is thus co-led by a native English teacher and a native Chinese teacher. This special co-class teacher arrangement ensures a bilingual immersive experience for your child and nurtures your child in a creative but guided environment. To cater for an expanded language need, we provide a choice of two bilingual streams: Cantonese and English (CE) and Putonghua and English (PE).

English Phonics and Chinese Pinyin
Phonics and Chinese Pinyin are important elements for early English/Chinese language development. Through applying these elements into teaching, children can read with confidence at an earlier age. We put a heavy emphasis on these two phonetic pedagogies in our curriculum as we believe that confidence in reading will accelerate children’s language development. Thus, our school integrates English phonics as part of our core curriculum for the two bilingual streams while Pinyin is taught in the Putonghua/English stream.